„One world talk“: Facing the pandemic among other challenges in BOLIVIA

Seit Dezember 2020 veranstaltet r Verein INTERSOL regelmäßige Online-Dialoge mit Gesprächspartner*innen aus den Partnerländern in englischer Sprache. Am 29. April gibt es einen Dialog mit Maria Lohman aus Bolivien!

„One world talks“ is a dialogue series in English organized by INTERSOL with representatives of partners in the Global South. They give an insight into their first-hand experiences of current local and global challenges, especially Covid-19, for their societies and discuss political and social implications of these developments. Their input is followed by a discussion with participants. In April our dialogue partner will be Maria Lohman from Bolivia!

Thurdsay, 29th of April, 7-8:30 p.m (local time in Austria)

Dialogue partner: Maria Lohman from the foundation „Somos Sur“ in Cochabamba / Bolivia

Participation is free of charge. Participants will get the zoom-link after registration via E-Mail: office@intersol.at

Maria Lohman grew up in the Netherlands and first worked there as a teacher. Her marriage to a Bolivian brought her to Cochabamba in Bolivia, where she is living since more than 50 years now. During these years, she has experienced several coups d’état, had a son and become a popular educator in rural, indigenous areas and a political and social activist, fighting first against the dictatorships and oppression of the indigenous population and then increasingly also against environmental destruction by agribusiness, gender-based violence and the again growing political authoritarianism. For her work in the countryside, she learned to speak the indigenous language Quetchua fluently. She is the founder of the documentation centre CEDIP and the foundation „Somos Sur“, which do independent reporting, education/training and activism to promote change regarding structural political, social and ecological issues.

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