Coronakrise in Partnerländern (1) | Bericht vom Indienprojekt Maher

Seit vielen Jahren wird das von Sr. Lucy geführte Projekt Maher in Indien gefördert. In einem Brief an die Vorsitzende des Entwicklungspolitischen Beirats Amelie Höring schreibt Sr. Lucy, dass sie angesichts der Coronakrise „workshops“ zu  der Notwendigkeit von wiederholtem, gründlichen Händewaschen gehalten und entsprechende Waschgelegenheiten vor den Häusern aufgestellt haben. Zusätzlich haben sie  Lebensmittelvorräte angekauft. Womit sie NICHT gerechnet haben sind die Tausenden von bettelnden & gestrandeten Wanderarbeiter, die ihre Arbeit verloren haben und sich über hunderte Kilometer zu Fuß auf den Heimweg gemacht haben, weil keine Züge mehr fahren.


Dear Amelie,

How are you doing? As you all know India is shut down. Medicines and food grains are available in some places The prices of food grains have gone up very much. At Maher we had prepared ourselves for the closing down of India , we had filled our store room with food grains and toilalateries. But we had not foreseen the needs of migrant workers who stay around Maher. Some of them have already approached us for food grains .Maher was able to help them through this difficult time. All of us are safe at Maher so far . No one is allowed to get out of Maher and no one is allowed to come in . But through police some women we were forced to take in as they had no other place to go .

Life is a challenge but we are coping up with joy and love for everything . Pray much for us .

Attached are a few photos

Love in Plenty
Sr Lucy

Und hier der zweite Brief von Sr Lucy:

Dear Friends,

 ‘Coronavirus has taken us away from our churches, temples and mosques but is bringing us closer to the Divine within us and nature around us.’

The deadly virus has made us feel frightened and insecure. Yet it does have a silver lining. The ever smiling and hopeful Maher children have come up with 10 most beautiful thoughts and it will be soothing to pay heed to them. 

I am listing them in their own words:

1)    The world became more sympathetic to each other as the virus is not sparing anyone.

2)    People all over the world are united in their struggles and problems.

3)    Pollution has reduced and nature is happy and people started working a little more with mud, trees, plants & animals.

4)    Everyone has become more disciplined and learned to stay at home

5)    Love & compassion has increased for one another and people have learnt to share

6)    People stopped fighting for their religion and caste now. Solving hunger problems has become the priority. Hunger has no caste and no religion. People have learnt to   worship the Divine.

7)    Quality time with family and close ones has increased.

8)    We don’t see leftover food thrown on the streets anymore.

9)    All are enjoying home cooked food and health has become priority

10) Shopping madness has stopped.

Maher has been busy not only reaching out to those who live with us but reaching out to the migrant workers, the beggar’s community, slum dwellers and the pavement dwellers. All that people need now is food & toiletries. Our social workers are trying to reach out to them from all centers as the divine has kept us safe till now.

 Maher is grateful to all its friends like you who have always volunteered to help the needy and poor around us. It would not have been possible without you dear friends.

I am lighting a lamp for you.                                                                                                         Hoping to emerge stronger and more loving,

rs sincerely,Sister Lucy Kurien

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